We’ve gotten a couple of reviews on Podchaser, and we’re so excited.

This is a fun to listen to, warm podcast that focuses on writing for audio drama, although it’s applicable to all storytelling. Lindsay and Sarah focus on a range of podcasts (& also well-known film plots in general), and on excellent scripts to demonstrate writing done well. I highly recommend it for people creating audio fiction in particular – and also as a wider guide to constructing stories & dialogue.

Fiona Thraille

Fiona is the producer of Dashing Onions Audio, an expert in audio drama, so this means a lot. Thank you, Fiona!

Two episodes in and ADWIT is already at the top of my writing podcasts list. Much like Start With This and Writing Excuses, the chemistry between the hosts keeps this show snappy – but the sheer density of useful writing advice is what sets ADWIT apart. This is likely to be an absolute essential for anyone looking to start their own audiodrama journey, and it’s a joy to listen to on top of that!

Stephen Indrisano

Stephen Indrisano is a professional audio editing expert, so if he can forgive all my ums, uhs, and repetition, then I feel empowered.

When folks write reviews for our podcast, it helps us plan future episodes and make better content, plus it makes us easier to find online. Here’s an article that I wrote about how to write a podcast review, in case you want some help.


The Doctor's Dream, artist Thomas Rowlandson (1757–1827) and the writer William Combe (1742–1823). Source: archive.org.

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