What do writers and pilots have in common? Every time they go to work, they have to ask, “How do I land this thing now?” Join Sarah and Lindsay as they fly off in search of the tools to make the perfect ending or cliffhanger, and how to avoid crashing miserably.  Make sure you stick around for the post-credits sequence.

Did you know that Buzzsprout has a dynamic content feature? It's true. Lindsay is testing it out right now. Here's the clip she tagged on in the post-roll to one of the episodes. See if you can find it! Thank you for listening, thank you to Ella Watts, and thank you to my next-door neighbor. To hear the horror piece that Lindsay, Sarah, and Ella worked on together, listen to https://tinyurl.com/Breathless-on-Podchaser.  Season 2 of ADWIT  is coming soon. Music is Five Card Shuffle by Kevin McLeod. Visit his website at incompetech.com. 
  1. Season 2 is coming soon
  2. Episode XII: Final Episodes
  3. Episode XI: Writing for Remote Recording
  4. Episode X: The Mystery Attribute

WARNING: Spoilers and/or promo for TermsSteal The Stars,Hadron Gospel Hour,Wooden Overcoats and The Amelia Project, season 1, as well as the movie Brazil. if you haven’t heard (or watched) these gems by now, what’s keeping you?

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Sound design, music, and additional voices by Vincent Friel
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Special thanks to Philip Thorne, Oystein Braga, Alan Burgon and Julia C Thorne of the Amelia Project.

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