“I have an idea for an audio drama podcast but I don’t know where to start.” 

I get this a lot, combined with, “will you do it for me?”

It’s always better to learn how to do something than to have someone else help you do it. Knowledge and skills can never be taken away from you. When you produce your own audio podcast, you own it. 

Here are some free resources which might be helpful. 

How to Start a Podcast It’s very general, but it will help you get started.

How To Make a Fiction Podcast

Matthew’s Top Five Books for Audio Drama & Fiction Podcast Production The books aren’t a free resource, but the list is.

You should also read Bombs Always Beep by K.C. Wayland, which is very good. Again, the book isn’t a free resource, but the link is.

DiscoverPods’ How to Audio Drama series is a free resource.

The Audio Drama Production Podcast is about all aspects of creating audio drama.

ADWIT is a free resource, and you can listen to it now.

Again, when you learn to do something yourself and make it yourself, no one can make you take a percentage, steal your copyright, or take your intellectual property. 

Best wishes on your journey!

Four people in Victorian clothing sitting around an empty table, staring into the void.
Okay, so… we’re gonna make an audio drama podcast. What do we do now?

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