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Games Writers Play: Break Writers' Block with Cards and Other Games of Chance ADWIT: The Audio Drama Writers' Independent Toolkit

Visit the back room at a game cafe, where Sarah and Lindsay dig out a secret stash of games designed to help writers revisit best practices and gain perspective on their work. In the secret jungle piano bar, we'll show you The Writer Emergency Pack by John August, experiment with The Story Engine, and dissect Menelaus. Get a grip on your audio drama podcast writing with a different play.  Presented and Written by Sarah Golding and Lindsay Harris FrielDialogue editing by Sarah GoldingSound design by Lindsay Harris FrielMastering by Vincent FrielMusic by Vincent FrielThis podcast was made without AI. More info: Writer Emergency PackThe Story Engineadwit.orgTell us how you really feel. Write us a review on Podchaser or on Apple Podcasts. Contact us at, or visit our website at
  1. Games Writers Play: Break Writers' Block with Cards and Other Games of Chance
  2. 2022 Year In Review, Best New Audio Drama and Fiction Podcasts, Plans and Schemes for 2023
  3. Season 2 is coming soon
  4. Episode XII: Final Episodes
  5. Episode XI: Writing for Remote Recording
  6. Episode X: The Mystery Attribute
  7. Episode IX: Audio Drama, Not Audio Trauma, or Getting Unstuck
  8. Episode VIII: Adaptation
  9. Episode VII: World Building and Premise
  10. Episode VI: Text and Subtext
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