You can listen to ADWIT here, or on the automatic podcast dispenser of your choice.

Did you know that Buzzsprout has a dynamic content feature? It's true. Lindsay is testing it out right now. Here's the clip she tagged on in the post-roll to one of the episodes. See if you can find it! Thank you for listening, thank you to Ella Watts, and thank you to my next-door neighbor. To hear the horror piece that Lindsay, Sarah, and Ella worked on together, listen to  Season 2 of ADWIT  is coming soon. Music is Five Card Shuffle by Kevin McLeod. Visit his website at 
  1. Season 2 is coming soon
  2. Episode XII: Final Episodes
  3. Episode XI: Writing for Remote Recording
  4. Episode X: The Mystery Attribute
  5. Episode IX: Audio Drama, Not Audio Trauma, or Getting Unstuck
  6. Episode VIII: Adaptation
  7. Episode VII: World Building and Premise
  8. Episode VI: Text and Subtext
  9. Episode V: Dialogue
  10. Episode IV: Character
Air Mechanics of the Women's Royal Air Force (WRAF) working on the fuselage of an Avro 504 aircraft, 1918 — Source.
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