Episode 10: The Mystery Attribute

MRI T2 Brain axial image. This is an anonymous clinical image provided by Aaron G. Filler, MD, PhD. The patient has signed a release for use of the anonymized image for educational, research, and teaching purposes. The image was converted from DICOM acquisition format into jpeg format, anonymized, and posted by Dr. Filler. It is intended for GDFL licensure for reuse for academic, scientific, educational uses without further permissions. Attribution to Aaron Filler, MD, PhD is requested.

What does audio drama do that other forms of art and media can't? How does it do it? What's the recipe for doing it? Join Sarah and Lindsay on a field trip as they try to find that mysterious  element that makes audio drama meaningful and special. 

Episode 8: Adaptation

How can a story told one way be told in a different way, without losing its impact? How can a non-audio-drama story make the most of audio drama's craft? Join Sarah and Lindsay as they sort out some tools to better understand some best practices in adaptation for audio drama.